“Strategic Advisory and Lift-out”

Our client, a leading UK Asset and Wealth Manager, was looking to identify and hire a transformational CEO to drive change and deliver growth in an increasingly complex industry.

The Process

We spent time with the Board, getting to know the firm and developing a detailed understanding of their ambitions and the types of individuals that would fit from both a cultural and strategic perspective. We created a marketing pack for candidates which included a job spec, relevant marketing materials and interesting news flow so candidates were well prepared ahead of meetings.

A shortlist was presented, consisting of a number of high-quality asset management leaders, based both in the UK and overseas. Although there was a strong preference for an individual with an investment background given the culture of the firm, we also looked across distribution and select non-investment roles.

We conducted a deep assessment of our longlist, both internal and working with an external firm, in order to create consistency when assessing talent. We were structured in our interview process and capturing feedback, considering the amount of different stakeholders who were interviewing each candidate.

The Outcome

We worked with our client to land an experienced CEO, who has driven a series of acquisitions which have revitalised the business, the brand and the bottom line.